Tips & Tricks before Starting a Pallet Project

Every tutorial I’ve ever seen on making anything with pallets, have always looked so easy. They make it look simple in YouTube videos and DIY websites. But when it comes down to it, you need a lot of patience and actually some tools. I honestly thought, I could do something with a pallet, with just a pallet, hammer and nails, and some paint, oh yeah and some sandpaper. I was wrong, I couldn’t dissemble the pallet by myself, and especially without a crowbar. I would need a saw, and a few other tools. So, it gave me the idea to post this blog. Pallets are doable, they just take a little bit more time and effort. So here are some tips when working on pallets.

  • Always clean your pallets first. Whether you have a pressure washer or doing it with soap and water, always clean first, you never know what kind of chemicals could be on it.

download (1)

  • Safety First. Always where gloves and some kind of glasses when working with pallets, especially dissembling them.

images (5)

  • Always sand it down.  You don’t want anyone or yourself getting splinters.

download (2)

  • Save the nails. You are already up-cycling, you might as well recycle. 

images (6)

  • Use a stencil.  When painting, unless you are really good at free hand, use a stencil. From my experience, if I don’t use a stencil, it looks like my 4 year old painted it.

download (3)

  • Decide whether to stain or not to stain.  Your decision.

download (4)

  • Have the right tools. Tools make all the difference.

images (7)


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