Anything and Everything you Can do With PVC Pipe

PVC Pipe, one of my favorite DIY projects. Did you know you could make all these cool things with PVC Pipe? Some are easy and simple, and some are a little bit harder to do, but with the right tools and imagination, anyone could come up with something great.

This Partition Wall looks great.


These Planters are so cute. 


Keep your toothbrushes clean and organized with this cool idea.


Cool wine rack.


With this Festive Wreath, you will sure be the talk of the neighborhood.


This adorable bath toy is sure to help your child enjoy bath time. 


Stylish Frame.


Laptop Holder.


This one, I thought was pretty cool. 

images (17)

Hairdryer holder.

images (16)

You can even build a fence.

images (15)

On the more functional side of DIY. But still pretty cool.

images (14)

Garden Hose Holder

images (13)

This one is my personal favorite, because I’m really needing a swing at my house and I might just do this one. 

images (12)

Do you have any cool DIY ideas with PVC Pipe? Please Share. Also, what do you guys think should be my next DIY Blog? I want to hear from you guys, so let me know.


2 thoughts on “Anything and Everything you Can do With PVC Pipe

    1. Not sure. I didn’t think of that. Maybe if you put some kind of wood or metal in the pipes, it may hold up. and that also goes for the bench too. Depends on the weight I Guess. Thanks for commenting. =)


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