10 Cleaning Hacks from items in your refrigerator.

Have you ever opened your fridge or cabinet and wondered if you could do something else besides eat that food? Well what about cleaning? Here are my top 10 cleaning hacks with food from your very own kitchen. 

1. Use a potato to clean your grater.

download (4)

2. For a good brass polish mix flour and vinegar.

images (10)

3. Clean your dishwasher with a packet of lemonade kool-aid.

download (3)

4. Banish faucet buildup with a lemon.

download (5)

5. Clean stainless steel appliances with Cream of Tarter.

download (6)

6. Polish silverware, pots, and jewelry with ketchup.

download (7)

7. Pick broken glass up with a piece of bread.

download (8)

8. Remove bathtub rings with salt and a cut grapefruit.

download (9)

9. Get the smell out of your coffee grinder, if you grind uncooked white rice.

images (11)

10. Rub lemon and salt over a cut board to clean it. 

download (10)


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