10 Projects you Didn’t know you Could do with Pallets

Is anyone else in love with pallet projects? I know I am. Anything you can think of, you can build with a pallet. So today, I’ve put together 10 projects, that you might not have known that you can do with a pallet.


10. Pictures. Great wall decor, or can be a great personalized gift.


9. Planter. Great for outdoors, and not a lot of work either.


8. Outdoor Lounge. This one may require a little more work, but awesome when you are finished.

images (1)

7. Wine Rack. You will be the envy of all the other moms.


6. Bed. This one is one of my favorites.


5. Outdoor Building. Something for your husband to love.


5. Stairs. You know, if your house doesn’t come with stairs lol.


4. Table. This one’s going to be my next project.


3. Bench. I would love to do this around my big tree in my front yard!

images (3)

2. Chairs. These are one of my favorites also. I just love the rustic, beach look.


  1. Bar. My all time favorite. This one requires more work, but it will look great and your back yard will be the talk of the neighborhood.


Get creative, have fun, and show me what you guys have created with pallets. 


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