The top 5 tools I use to bring in some extra income

As you guys know I am a stay at home mom, and look for anything and everything to bring in that extra little bit of income. So I’ve researched and researched, and I’ve came up with these 5 tools that help me feel a little bit better about being at home and not working.

  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk)

I never knew that there was other ways to make money on amazon besides selling my stuff. I discovered this site about 2 months ago, and it has generated the most income for me. It’s easy, and its not your average survey website, yes they do have surveys, but that’s not all. They have micro jobs which are quick to do, so you can generate money quicker.  I work about 3 hours a day on this site, and to give you guys an example of the earnings, here is the breakdown.

I’ve worked on this site for a little over a month. On Mturk, the more HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) that you do, the more that you are qualified for. I started out very slow, just trying to get used to the site and all, but eventually I got used to it and I started making money. In my first 40 days of working (3 hours a day) I’ve made over $200. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. Also I now have over 1000 HITS. Here are the tiers of the hits. 200 HITS, 500 HITS, 1000 HITS, 5000 HITS. And after every goal, you will be qualified for even more HITS.

  1. Qmee

I have just started this one, so I really don’t have much info on it just yet. But what I do know is that it’s an icon that stays on your toolbar. It actually pays you to search. I use google, because that’s what I’m used to. Once in a while surfing the web, you will get a side bar that pops up, click on it and stay on that page for at least 30 seconds. Now it’s not going to make you rich, but it will eventually generate money. I started about 2 weeks ago, and just reached $1. So it’s not actually doing any work, or taking surveys, so it’s not going to pay you a lot (average is around $.06). But it’s like saving your spare change.

  1. Ebay

My third tool I use, and only use in when I’m in need of some money is selling my things on Ebay. What I like to do is go to Goodwill, or any thrift store, and buy their jeans. I usually don’t pay no more than $5 for a pair of jeans. I turn around and sell them on Ebay for $10-$15 a pair. It’s a lot more work to sell on Ebay, so I try not to do this too much.

  1. Swagbucks

I know by this time, everyone has heard of Swagbucks by now. I haven’t actually earned anything from them yet, but I am also saving my SB for the bigger gift cards. I’d like to hear feedback on you ladies that have earned income from Swagbucks.

  1. Ibotta

This is one of my favorite ones, just because I think it’s cool to earn money while shopping for groceries. Ibotta is only used as an app, but you can earn pennys even dollars back for the groceries you just bought. My favorite part is that because I shop at a grocery store that has a loyalty card, I don’t even have to do anything. After I shop, I am credited the amount automatically. I do believe tho that you have to have $10 to cash out, which really isn’t hard to do with Ibotta.
Do you have any tools that you use to make some extra money? I would love to hear about them! Please comment below, or subscribe! Thanks.


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