The Pros Cons of Transcribing at Home

So when I first purchased my computer I was determined to work at home. I discovered transcribing and thought it would be a great way to earn income. I was so excited about it, I was even going to go to school and do medical transcription. So I did my research and came across Rev. I did the test and passed, I was ready to work. I worked for about a month before I quit. 

Here is why I liked the work:

  1. It was good pay.
  2. Some of the work was quick.
  3. As soon as you did the work the money went into your Rev account.
  4. You was paid weekly so your money could build up.

All good right, well here’s why I didn’t like it:

  1. It was the same work, over and over again.
  2. It would take me 30 min to do a 2 min conversation for $1.
  3. I didn’t have the time nor the “quiet” space.
  4. Other people on Rev would grade you, very inconsistent. 
  5. You had to meet certain standards in a certain amount of time. 

So for those reasons, it was too much work for little pay. I have a 4 year old that loves to talk, so I was constantly having to take off my headphones. For other moms, they may love it, for me, not so good. That’s when I had to find other ways to make money. Everything is a trial and error, so when you find something you love doing, just do it. 


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