How to make money designing T-Shirts

Ever thought, hey that should be on a T-shirt? Well now there’s a way you can design your very own T-shirts, and make a profit off of it. The best part is, you don’t have to pay a dime. There’s no hassle in shipments, or printing or any of the “not so fun” stuff. All you have to do is design a picture, words, or absolutely anything you want to put on a T-shirt. The best website that I have came across is TeePublic. 

Once you upload your design, they will put it on the T-shirt for you. You choose which colors and styles works best for you. They start it out on sale for $14, for every shirt you sale, you make $2, then after 3 days of being on sale, the shirt stays at $20, and then you can make $4 off every shirt. So, all you have to do from there is wait for someone to buy your shirt and bam, you get paid. Easy as that. 

Here are some of mine to get an example.

Silly Boys

Country Chicks



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